Being an organization that prides itself in delivering cutting-edge services, we look forward to service launch of “SlimThuis” and the long-term partnership with TriNed. 

TriNed – The ideal customer in the ISP / Telco segment for i4Things

Like nature, the laws of businesses, too, follow the law of like-for-like. TriNed has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, stands for constant innovation and has strong customer loyalty.

With its experienced team, TriNed is already able to provide customers from all over the Netherlands with best-in-class high-speed internet, telephony and TV. Customer loyalty is more important than ever in the telco segment. To increase this and to be best prepared for the future, an innovative smart home solution offers a competitive advantage and becomes an important pillar for a complete penta-play service bundle.

TriNed + i4Things – The Ideal Duo

With TriNed’s experience and market access, i4Things has found an ideal partner to deliver a modern easy-to-use and fully managed smart home service with multiple attractive features; it allows TriNed’s customers to control many of their current and new smart home devices with the use of one single app. 

i4Things aims to provide its service provider customers with an impeccable and robust solution with intuitive apps and device integration. The i4Things team handles all integration, testing and certifications, delivering a worry-free turn-key solution with a short time to market.

“At i4Things we are focused to craft great Smart Home experiences for end-customers, with Consolomio® we empower TriNed SlimThuis with the best technologies and processes that are tried and tested in real world.”

Rob Wolters, Managing Partner at i4Things

TriNed was quick to recognize the benefits of the Consolomio® white-label and fully managed smart home solution and chose i4Things’ solution after a comprehensive assessment and extensive testing. 

TriNed ran a pilot program back in December 2020 and passed with flying colors. The intuitive user interface of the Consolomio® apps in combination with a unique back-end integration to TriNed’s OSS/BSS systems enable them to create foolproof and highly seamless solutions that are ready to deliver the ultimate smart home experience for end users. 

TriNed SlimThuis – Emerging Smart Home Service with i4Things’ Consolomio®

Being a customer-centric company at all fronts, TriNed is committed to perfecting their smart home offering and delivering an exhilarating experience for the end-customers. 

TriNed SlimThuis will be using the following 3rd party integrations provided by Consolomio®:

  • Amazon Alexa Integration
  • Philips Hue Integration
  • SONOS Integration
  • Google Voice Assistant Integration
  • Action (LSC) Retail Device support

With consistent upgrades, an expanding device ecosystem and never-ending efforts to deliver the best customer experience, we are confident to create a lasting impact with TriNed.