Multiple Apps to Control your Smart Home

Consolomio® comes with a range of apps to improve ease-of-use for the customers as well as the service providers. From tablet version control panel to smart TV dashboard, users have a number of options!

Operate Consolomio® with your smartphone

With Consolomio®, our goal is to provide a seamless experience to the end customers. To achieve this objective, we ensure that all our apps are compatible with their smartphones – allowing them to control and manage their smart homes without any hassle. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by the smart home manufacturers  is to create mobile apps for customers to access the smart home devices. Well, we’ve solved it and more!

Consolomio® is successfully integrated with

Smart Home Control Panel with Consolomio®

Empower your customers with total control over their smart homes. 

Offer your mass market customer base the home automation experience of the rich and famous at a fraction of the cost thanks to our easy-to-use control panel app which runs on affordable Android tablets and integrates seamlessly with Consolomio®.

With a tablet-powered control panel for their home, end customers can have full control over all the devices in their setup even when they don’t have their mobile phone at hand. From arming/disarming the system and checking the security camera views, to answering a doorbell call and opening the door – the control panel is very helpful to home owners.

  • Larger screen to control a multitude of smart devices
  • View all video cameras to see what’s going on
  • Arm and disarm the home security sensors
  • See who’s ringing the doorbell, plus option to open the door
  • Easier to handle for elderly or disabled persons (care use case)

Smart Home TV Dashboard

Customers can track and manage their smart homes from their Smart TV now!

To make sure that you genuinely and comprehensively impress your customers, we’ve added a new dimension of Smart TV dashboard to the already spectacular Smart Home as a Service solution by i4Things. 

Put your brand at the center-piece of the smart home solution and generate countless dividends in the long run. We crafted this impeccable user-interface that keeps the user updated about the smart home as well as other important information like live TV, weather updates, and traffic information. 

  • Service providers’ branding on the customer’s screen
  • Unique converged offering of TV & Smart Home services
  • Split-screen view to offer an impeccable user experience
  • Intuitive interface to keep it user-friendly

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