Jumpstarting with Consolomio® by i4Things

Become a Smart Home Operator in 7 easy steps!

Diving into the young and nascent smart home market is easy! Follow these steps and expose yourself to an ocean of endless opportunities by becoming a Smart Home service provider.

Step 1

Register and get a live demo with one of our product experts

Our product experts walk you through every aspect of becoming an adaptive Smart Home operator. The live demo contains a detailed presentation about Consolomio®, our cloud-based solution. The comprehensive live demo tells you about the business model, the optimal pricing model, and walks you through live forms of the front-end and back-end.

Step 2

Order your test package

The test package is a window into your end-customers smart home experience if you wish to go with Consolomio®. It comes with a set of essential i4Things smart devices, a QuickStart guide, and your test login that gives you access to the intelligent solution. The test package will help better you understand the potential in our solution and the Smart Home market.

Step 3

Download the app and test the solution

The application test period gives you ample time to get an idea about the solution. You can access the app, which is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, through the user account for a period of 30 days. In this period, you’ll get to know about the ways Consolomio® will work for you and your end-customers.

  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • Control Panel
  • Smart Home TV Dashboard
Step 4

Define your service proposition and starter packs with us

Define your service proposition and decide on your pick of subscription packages, business model, hardware devices, starter packs with us. We help you determine your choices depending upon your needs because we understand that the choices you make will have a huge impact on your business operations and services altogether.

Step 5

Request your offer to start hassle-free pay as you grow

Based on your pick of subscription packages, business model, hardware devices, and starter packs we provide you a modest commercial offer. Once we have the get-go, we start preparing for the launch and help you through the process. After this, you’re all set to start your hassle-free pay as you grow smart home service.

Step 6

Get ready for the launch

Get your Smart Home services up and running on the market with us. We guide you through the process of all the business operations imperative for your services.
Kick-off and milestone plan

We plan every aspect of the launch with you to ensure a successful market grip and domination for you.

White labeling process

We help you through the branding and white labeling process by taking care of tasks like getting the branding information for app branding.

Extensive marketing support

We get you efficient marketing resources and tools and help you establish brand awareness and generate end-customer demand.

App launch support

We help you through the app launch process from getting certification to launching on multiple app stores.

Step 7

All set within 90 days!

With the help of our process, you will be equipped with every resource and support that you need to become a smart home service provider. The whole process is designed to be fast, continually guided, and hassle-free and can be accomplished within 90 days to become a smart home operator.

Consolomio® is successfully integrated with

Get started with the free product demo now!

Fill the form out to get started with the fast, easy, and hassle-free process of becoming a Smart Home service provider.

  • Revenue boost for service providers

    Opening yourself to the massively growing of the Smart Home market and reap new revenue streams and margin opportunities. Offer versatile Smart Home services to the end-customers and adapt to new market possibilities.

  • New revenue streams and additional ARPU

    Consolomio® cloud-based platform helps you tap the end-customer demands seamlessly and unlock new revenue streams. Increase your average revenue per subscriber by offering intelligent smart home services.

  • Logical extension of your current service offering

    Providing Smart Home services is the logical extension for your current service offering. Unlocking new options with seamless compatibility for the end-customer contributes considerably to an increase of upsell opportunities.

  • Attractive to new customers & great differentiator from competitors

    Consolomio® helps you provide Smart Home services with seamless integration that make you look adaptive and unique. It differentiates you from your competitors and acts as a magnet for new customers, especially those looking for bundled services.

  • Helps increase customer loyalty / reduce churn

    Consolomio® enables Smart Home service providers to provide services with seamless integration which makes their services extensive and versatile. This increases profitability and customer loyalty and reduces customer churn.

  • Unique converged offering of TV & Smart Home services

    Offer unique services by providing your customer converged TV and Smart Home services that smoothly blends media with advanced Smart Home services. This helps you to unlock higher levels of customer loyalty and attract new customers.

  • Positive impact on brand reputation

    Becoming a Smart Home service provider has a positive impact on the image of your brand. Providing smart home applications improves the end-customer’s perception of your brand by making it look extensible, innovative, and unique.

  • Opportunity for continuous customer dialogue and upsell

    Becoming a smart home operator creates endless opportunities for continuous customer dialogue and upsell. These opportunities weigh in to improve brand reputation, establish market domination, and increase customer loyalty.

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