Business Model

Revenue Boost for Service Providers

In a massively growing market with limitless potential, open doors to new revenue streams and margin opportunities with our smart home solution. Consolomio® offers seamless integration and wide compatibility which help your services become more versatile and profitable.

Smart Home as a Service

An ocean of opportunities for Service Providers

Consolomio® will help service providers offer versatile services to their customers and exploit the booming market of smart home applications.

With Consolomio®, service providers will be able to discover new revenue streams by offering a range of different services with a wide ecosystem of devices. Consolomio® enables service providers to offer bundled and compatible services with the help of seamless integration. Offering versatile services helps service providers in reducing customer churn and increasing customer loyalty and profitability.

Smart Home Market Global

Addressable for Service Providers

Smart Home Installations

Forecast of global smart home device shipments (in Million units)

Pricing model with three components.

Pricing model

Consolomio® Smart Home as a Service offers you a short time-to-market at modest up-front investments. After you pay the initial one-time setup fee, Consolomio® will be installed and connected to your OSS/BSS systems for support, management, provisioning, and billing. And Voila! You’re all set to offer your Smart Home service through ‘pay as you grow’ model to your customers.

  • Start-up fee

    The Start-up fee is a one-time fee for setting up your dedicated tenancy with Consolomio®. It covers all the components related to setting up.

    • Setup and Integration
    • App-Adjustments
    • Branding
  • Monthly fee

    The monthly fee covers all the management, maintenance, and support components for you. It is offered in different tariff bundles with the option for the end-customer to choose and upgrade.

    • Flexible Management and Support
    • Organized Tariff Bundles
    • Growing per subscriber margin
  • Pay as you grow

    The pay as you grow model has two components:

    • A monthly fee per subscriber per house (one subscriber may sign up for multiple houses.
    • A one-off starter pack cost (per starter pack per house)

    The monthly fee per subscriber per house covers platform license, video recording storage, life cycle management & support for devices, management and maintenance of UI’s, and more. This amount can vary with factors like number and type of devices, the amount of video storage required, etc.

  • Starter Pack

    We offer starter packs at attractive prices that are designed for specific use-cases. These help in the promotion of certain service offerings and boost revenue. For instance, Security Starter Pack would contain the below configuration::

    • Indoor Camera or Doorbell
    • Motion sensor
    • Door & window sensors
    • Smoke/fire sensor
    • Water-leak sensor
  • Additional Devices

    Service providers can offer i4Things’ additional devices at modest prices for additional sales and upselling. These include:

    • Additional Packages
    • Device Bundles

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