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At Consolomio®, our goal is to ensure future-proof technologies to build smart home solutions that are compatible with all popular devices and firmware to create an ecosystem of numerous device brands and devices.

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Consolomio® Partner Program

Benefits of being a Partner

Brand Exposure to hundreds of ISP’s, telcos, insurance companies

Service providers get to place their brands along with numerous ISP’s, Telcos, and insurance companies and unlock growth in the long run. 

Exclusive access to our SDK and documentation

In today’s day and age, having a comprehensive platform strategy is of utmost importance. With access to our SDK and documentation, you get that and more. 

Get Test accounts to stay ahead of the competition

With test accounts, service providers get the chance to stay ahead of other players in the smart home segment as they have their hands on the secret sauce. 

Technical support for your integration

Helping our partners to be successful and provide hassle-free services is a top priority for i4things. With proactive technical support, we ensure streamlined integration. 

Get listed as an official partner on our website

Along with numerous other benefits, we do our bid to promote your brand as well. Become a partner and get listed on our official website for a better exposure and legitimacy. 

Benefit from our dedicated Marketing and PR department

It’s not just the solution that service providers benefit from. To make sure that our ecosystem grows and thrives, our dedicated marketing and PR department is always working hard. 

Consolomio® Partner Program

Target Industries

  1. Energy Companies
  2. Healthcare Providers
  3. Telco Service Providers
  4. Insurance Companies

Energy Companies

Manage power efficiently and reduce consumption by using analytics and intelligent behavior triggered by Consolomio®.

Healthcare Providers

By detecting emergency cases and getting help to the people in need, healthcare providers can be more proactive.

Insurance Companies

Reduce claims by preventing damage as Consolomio® allows proactive monitoring of the smart homes and avoid potential accidents.

Telco Service Providers

Incredible opportunity to bolster their offerings as they can leverage future-proof solutions for maximum security and comfort.
Consolomio® Partner Program

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