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Cloud-based Platform

Consolomio® is a seamlessly managed end-to-end smart home solution in the cloud. The cloud platform is a highly intelligent, secure, extensive, and scalable solution for a wide range of smart home services.

Consolomio® is a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for a dedicated gateway or hub.

Consolomio® ensures the best end-customer experience by allowing them to connect third-party devices like Philips Hue, SONOS, Alexa, etc., cloud-to-cloud without hassle. It allows the users to connect and control all of their devices at a single place. On top of it, the users don’t even need a dedicated hub or local gateway for connecting their devices.

Consolomio is an open wall-garden platform, which means that the control of device and brand compatibility is completely in your hands.

  • Extensive Compatibility Control
  • Scalable and Extensible
  • Wide Network Possibilities

Consolomio® IoT Cloud Architecture
We value privacy

Security and Privacy
European cloud and fully encrypted data transfers

A mass-market solution must have security and privacy engraved in its very design. You should be able to offer smart-home services without worrying about security. Consolomio runs on European hosted cloud service and provides full GDPR compliance ensuring maximum security and data encryption.

Therefore Consolomio® has various security mechanisms put in place. For example Consolomio® takes care of automatically refreshing all camera passwords every 24h.

  • EU based solution
  • Full GDPR compliancy
  • Fully encrypted

Extensible, redundant, OTA-upgradable

Hub Extension – integrate other protocols with a local gateway app

Consolomio lets you expand its capabilities through extension with a local gateway app. The feature of hub extension comes handy in multiple use-cases such as offline control. Hub extension also lets you provide smart home services that allow connection to non-Wi-Fi devices and Zigbee and Z-Wave protocol devices.

To avoid the need for a hub, the gateway app can be also be integrated and worked with:

  1. Service Provider Android TV Set-Top Boxes**
    (e.g. for Telcos / ISPs / OTT)
  2. Our Consolomio® Control Panel
    (e.g. for Energy / Insurance Companies)

*) requires a USB dongle for additional protocol support
**) requires a free USB port 

Cloud-to-Cloud integration

Cloud-to-Cloud integration

Consolomio® offers seamless integration keeping you open to the possibilities of offering smart home services with an ecosystem of devices from various smart-home equipment suppliers. 

  • Use third-party protocols like Zigbee to add devices.
  • Lets users integrate devices from third-party brands.
  • End-customers can use their existing devices such as Alexa and Google voice assistants.

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