As organizations that pride themselves in delivering cutting-edge end-to-end smart home services to their customers, TriNed and i4Things look forward to this multi-year long term partnership.

TriNed & i4Things – The Ideal Duo

With TriNed’s experience and market access, i4Things has found an ideal partner to deliver a modern, mass-market, easy-to-use and fully managed smart home service with multiple attractive features. Thanks to the extensive device partner network of i4Things, TriNed’s customers can control many of their existing and new smart home devices with one single app. They benefit from integrated voice control capabilities with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and the possibility to (re)use their Sonos or IKEA speakers and Philips Hue bulbs for doorbell alerts and alarms in case of smoke, water or intrusion. When not at home they can easily invoke support from neighbours or friends thanks to the built-in ‘circle of trust’ (for outbound calls to e.g. yourself but also relatives and friends), ideal for eldercare or protection of your property when away from home.

i4Things aims to provide its service provider customers with an impeccable and robust solution with intuitive apps and device integration. The i4Things team handles all integration, testing, device life cycle management and takes care of the certifications to its European platform. In short: they deliver a worry-free turn-key solution with a short time to market.

“At i4Things we are focused to craft great Smart Home experiences for the customers of our customers. With Consolomio® we empower TriNed SlimThuis with the best technologies tailored to offer a mass-market audience an impeccable Smart Home experience.”

Rob Wolters, Managing Partner at i4Things

TriNed was quick to recognize the benefits of the Consolomio® white-label and fully managed smart home solution and chose i4Things’ solution after a comprehensive assessment and extensive testing. Being a service minded company, TriNed was particularly attracted by Consolomio®‘s unique Operator Cockpit: allowing TriNed to provide full support to their entire smart home customer base.

TriNed SlimThuis – Emerging Smart Home Service with i4Things’ Consolomio®

Being a customer-centric company at all fronts, TriNed is committed to perfecting their smart home offering and delivering an exhilarating experience for the end-customers. 

TriNed SlimThuis will be using various 3rd party integrations provided by Consolomio® for a feature rich product, which allows users to re-use existing Smart Home devices and have a maximum flexibility to choose from multiple device brands and price-points:

  • Google Voice Assistant & Amazon Alexa Integration
  • Philips Hue Integration
  • SONOS and IKEA Symfonisk Integration
  • Nuki Smart Doorlock support
  • Action (LSC) Retail Device support

“Convinced of the benefits a Smart Home solution can bring to our customers, we were looking for a compelling smart home solution we could launch with only limited upfront investments. We therefor quickly saw the value-add of i4Things’ Consolomio® white-label Smart Home solution. As a service minded company, we particularly appreciate the unique Operator Cockpit function, which allows our operations and customer care department to monitor the service and also to provide direct support to our customers.”

Paul van Wanrooij, Founder and Director of TriNed

With consistent upgrades, an expanding device ecosystem and never-ending efforts to deliver the best customer experience, i4Things are confident to create a lasting impact with TriNed.