At i4Things, we want to design and develop the best and easiest to use smart home solutions and enable service providers globally to deliver feature-rich and future-proof solutions to their end-customers allowing them to control a multitude of device brands with one single app.

Consolomio®, the Smart-Home-as-a-Service solution by i4Things, is a white-label, cloud-based Smart Home solution. Users can control and manage it with Apps designed for Smartphones, Tablets, Web-browser and SmartTVs.

i4Things is always busy with the further functional devlelopment of the solution and the constant expansion of the supported end devices. This in order to offer a solution that is as versatile as possible for multiple purposes. We stand for an ever-expanding ecosystem of devices and help service providers to constantly offer new smart functions and features. The i4Things team takes care of the entire integration, testing and certification of new smart devices. Furthermore, i4Things takes care of the operation and necessary updates and upgrades during the life cycle of the devices.

With our Partnership Program, we are always looking for new partners who have a relevant market position and offer innovative smart devices that make our overall solution even more attractive.

“We are very pleased to see our smart lock gaining more and more satisfied customers and watch how it changes the way they manage access to their home, office or shop. In this respect, in addition to our retail business, it is important for us to work with the relevant platforms in the service provider market and be part of an integrated smart home solution – this way we can reach even more people and bring them closer to the benefits of smart access solutions. Consolomio® integrates our lock in a simple and intuitive way by using our web API and integrating it with their existing white label app.”

Konrad Sikorski, Head of Software at Tedee

The latest addition to the Consolomio® white-label platform is the integration of the Tedee lock. Here’s all you need to know about it:

The Tedee lock

Tedee is one of the emerging providers of smart retrofit access solutions in Europe. The Tedee smart lock stands for modern technology, security and precision, making your smartphone the key to your door. Digital and smart access solutions are becoming increasingly popular and contribute to modern life. With many years of development experience, Tedee has all the ingredients for a successful product and, with its modular design, can be used for just about any door.

The Tedee lock has exceeded our expectations in many ways. We have quickly been able to integrate this smart lock with the Consolomio® Smart-Home-as-a-Service (SHaaS) platform. With this, the customers can enjoy an extra layer of security and comfort in their smart homes enabled by Consolomio®.

“With the integration of Tedee, we take another step in our commitment to an open-walled garden approach, our service provider customers can now decide to offer the Tedee lock in addition to many other smart products and make it part of a feature-rich and easy-to-use smart home solution.”

Rob Wolters, Managing Partner at i4Things

Smart. Simple. Secure

Service providers using the Consolomio® white-label Smart Home solution can start offering this extra flexibility and safety to their customers, making them happy, and enjoy numerous other benefits that come as a result of this integration.

Smart home owners don’t have to worry about locking and unlocking the door manually or be concerned that their home is unlocked.

With your smartphone, you can easily lock and unlock the door, depending on your preferences. Another great aspect of the Tedee smart lock is its ease of use and modularity. The smart lock from Tedee can be mounted on almost any common door, replacing the existing cylinder or using an adapter to mount it without cylinder replacement . The user does not need any assistance with the installation and is ready for use within a few minutes. In the Consolomio® app, the Tedee smart lock can be added and activated easily and conveniently in just a few steps.

Share access with your loved ones.
One of the most convenient aspects of the Tedee lock is the possibility of sharing the access to the door. Whether it is someone you are dating or one of your relatives, you can assign individual digital keys to anyone you wish to. Every family member who uses the Consolomio® App can get access easily and comfortably.

Auto-Unlock and remote unlocking.

If you have invited guests over or friends are visiting your place while you are not around, you do not have to make them wait for too long. Just open your Consolomio® App and let them in with a simple button click. Not only this, but the customers can also unlock the door automatically in case both of their hands are occupied. This is a great feature for users who lead a busy life and are constantly on the go. Furthermore, the combination of the Tedee lock with our Smart Doorbell is a powerful combination e.g. for home deliveries when you are on the move.

Safe and Sound.

Security is the top priority for everyone. The users deserve to always be assured about the safety of their smart homes. Not only this, but they can also check the status anytime on their phone. An exceptionally high security level is ensured in two ways. First, the Tedee lock meets the latest TLS 1.3 encryption protocol standards and second, its robust GERDA SLR Modular cylinder is certified in security class 6.

Service providers and their end customers can now benefit of adding Tedee to their smart home offering based on Consolomio® the white-labeled Smart-Home-as-a-Service (SHaaS) solution of i4Things and reap benefits of the bleeding-edge research and development done by the teams of i4Things and its partners.